26th Annual American Sandsculpting Championship and Beach Festival 2012 Dates

Sandsculpting 2012 dates have officially been set. Be sure to put Nov. 16-25, 2012, on your calendar.You don’t want to miss this extraordinary time. Come for the Sand, bask in the Sun and enjoy the Fun!  So far, an amazing line-up of 16 talented World Championship caliber Master Sandsculptors have signed up to dazzle you with their artistic creations. The participating sculptors for this year are:

  • Bert Adams
  • Suzanne Altamare
  • Guy Oliver Deveau
  • Bill Dow
  • Karen Fralich
  • Justin Gordon
  • John Gowdy
  • Greg Grady
  • Andy Hancock
  • Carl Jara
  • Bill & Marianne Knight
  • Michel Lepire
  • Fred Mallett
  • “Amazin’ Walter” McDonald
  • Brett Stocker
  • Brian TurnboughImage

Need a place to stay during your visit? Check out Cocoplum Beach House, located walking distance from the festival. Check back here for more updated information.

6 thoughts on “26th Annual American Sandsculpting Championship and Beach Festival 2012 Dates

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just returned from coast of Maine and we made a pretty big sandcastle…nothing worthy of the competition, but fun! We employed sandballs as decoration, (you can see me tossing one on my about page).

    • Hi Lillian, thanks to you as well. Pretty cool sandball! I just read somewhere that the Sandsculpting Championships are held in Ft. Myers Beach because the sand is ideal for building sculptures … not sure why thought (I’ll have to look that up). Your in-flight sandball seems to be holding up pretty well too! 🙂

  2. Another site states the dates for the American Sand Sculpting Championships presented by the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce are November 16-25, 2012.
    Can anyone clarify the dates? Your site says Nov. 7 – 11, 2012.

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