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Monthly Averages for Fort Myers Beach, FL

courtesy of The Weather Channel

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 75°F 54°F 65°F 1.94 in. 90°F (2003) 27°F (1905)
Feb 77°F 56°F 67°F 2.24 in. 92°F (1962) 27°F (1917)
Mar 80°F 59°F 70°F 2.88 in. 93°F (1980) 33°F (1980)
Apr 85°F 63°F 74°F 2.18 in. 96°F (1986) 39°F (1950)
May 89°F 69°F 79°F 2.65 in. 99°F (1989) 50°F (1945)
Jun 92°F 74°F 83°F 10.09 in. 103°F (1981) 58°F (1894)
Jul 92°F 75°F 84°F 9.04 in. 101°F (1942) 66°F (1950)
Aug 92°F 75°F 84°F 10.14 in. 100°F (1942) 65°F (1957)
Sep 91°F 74°F 83°F 8.31 in. 98°F (1912) 63°F (1922)
Oct 87°F 69°F 78°F 2.88 in. 95°F (1990) 45°F (1957)
Nov 81°F 62°F 72°F 1.96 in. 95°F (1986) 34°F (1970)
Dec 77°F 56°F 67°F 1.71 in. 90°F (1978) 24°F (1894)

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