Fourth of July in Fort Myers Beach


Independence Day 2014 – Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Festivities kick off with a 10 a.m. with a parade up Estero Boulevard. Later, at 15 minutes after sunset, one of the region’s most spectacular fireworks shows shoots off from the Ft. Myers Beach Fishing Pier. Don’t miss the fun, music and activities in the Times Square area and the length of the beach. Pick a spot anywhere gulf-front to catch an amazing view of the night sky illuminated by fireworks.

Fort Myers Beach, FL (Fishing Pier)

July 04, 2014

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Sea Turtle Season is Here Again

Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Help Protect Sea Turtles
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It’s sea turtle nesting season in Florida. The season began yesterday and extends through August, but wildlife officials say the hatchlings can emerge as late as October. Last year, Lee County beaches were home to 680 turtle nests. Adult turtles and their hatchlings use the seaward horizon as their guiding light and may be lured away from the water by artificial light visible from the beach. Fort Myers Beach residents and visitors can help prevent this by observing these tips from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.:

  • Shield sources of light visible from the beach
  • Use 25-watt yellow bug lights or amber-colored LED lights (go to MyFWC to find such certified lighting) 
  • Close blinds or curtains after dark
  • Remove beach furniture and equipment

To report sea turtle tracks and disorientations (lost sea turtles), or to request additional educational material, or ask questions about sea turtle season, go to Turtle Time or call 481-5566.

Florida’s Marine Turtle Protection Act protects sea turtles during the six-month sea turtle season. It is illegal to disturb, harass, or take sea turtles or their eggs. For code enforcement issues, contact Town Environmental Sciences Coordinator Keith Laakkonen at 765-0202 (ext. 136).